Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Google: World's most "gets it" company

From Google Adsense, via email:
"In the next month, we'll introduce the +1 button and personal recommendations to display ads. ... Soon, your users will be able to endorse specific ads and make the ads more likely to appear to their social connections."

Continued brilliance.

For random comparison's sake, I went to Harris Teeter tonight. Their "application" for one of those savings cards lists your drivers license number as "required information."

It didn't make me want to shop at Harris Teeter.


Brandie said...

Thank you for sharing your concerns regarding our VIC card application process. Our sole purpose of getting a photo ID is to be certain the person applying for the VIC card is who they say they are. That protects us and also you, the customer.

As we continue to offer more individualized offers/rewards and triple or super double coupon events it is imperative that we know who our customer is. For example, if we tell a customer that if they spend $100.00 in the next two weeks we will give them a $10.00 electronic rebate we want to make sure the correct person gets the reward or if the limit on triple coupons is 20 in a day we want to be able to electronically control our rules.
There is nothing illegal about this process and a photo id is the only way to verify a customer's identity. Other retailers may not be as advanced in their loyalty program and will realize the need as they progress.

Listing the actual ID or Driver’s License number is our way to check to make sure store personnel are following the proper procedures in verifying the customer’s identity.
Security of all Harris Teeter data, especially that of our customers, is of the highest importance to us. We have never had a data breach and will continue to place all our efforts on ensuring we never do. We hope to earn your business.

Harris Teeter Customer Relations

Lucid Idiocy said...

"We're a grocery store that needs your drivers license number."

Thank you for taking the time, Brandie, but that's your argument.

sancerre said...

Even Consumer Reports thinks Harris Teeter has gone too far: consumer reports: "We checked with several other supermarkets, and they don't require a driver's license except for checks. Harris Teeter should find another way to thwart double-dipping."

Brandi and the Harris Teeter shills can DIAF.