Wednesday, June 8, 2011

On not believing the hype

Boy, it really did not take long to go from this:
Great meeting with Speaker Tillis & Rep Holloway - thoughtful & honest conversation. Met w NCAE Char/Meck for nearly 2 hours.
To this:
"(NCAE stafers) don't care about kids, they don't care about classrooms, they only care about their jobs and their pensions," Speaker of the House Thom Tillis said.
How did that relationship sour so fast? Apparently talking the talk is different than walking the walk. Who knew.

From Brian Lewis, the NCAE's chief lobbyist, via email this week:
The turning point seemed to be when teachers and educators began pointing out that (Tillis') budget does not protect the classroom. When we pointed out in private to his office they ignored us. When we began telling the story to parents, as we are doing now, that started the vendettas and the pettiness.
When I get a chance, I'll ask Speaker Tillis the same question and update, but it's safe to say he disagrees.

Update: I spoke to the Speaker's chief of staff, Charles Thomas this evening. Yes, they disagree. And they don't think much of the NCAE.

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