Sunday, June 12, 2011

Macon: Alone in thinking

I'd forgotten this until a friend of mine running for the Macon City Council, Chris Horne, reminded me that the voter registration deadline for the Macon's July 19 elections is a week from Monday.

This surprised me, again, because qualifying closed Wednesday. Then I remembered: That's because Macon is the only city in Georgia with partisan City Council elections.

At least, as of May 2007 it was:
Of Georgia's 534 municipalities, only Macon holds partisan city elections, according to the secretary of state's office.
A six week campaign left after qualifying — without counting early voting. That is brisk.

Some times you need to ask yourselves: Is everyone else really wrong about this?

Note: The article linked above is an Associated Press rewrite of a piece I did for The Macon Telegraph. I pulled the quoted from the original.

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Raleighwood said...

Speaking of Macon, did you see that C Jack Ellis is thinking about a run for Mayor?