Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pitts on Afghanistan: "Best I can tell, it's all uphill"

Does it seem like everyone who has been to Afghanistan, or has studied its history, doesn't predict a U.S. "victory" there?

Byron Pitts spoke this evening in Apex, N.C., a hometown for him. He was excellent, as you'd expect a 60 minutes correspondent to be.

He's written a book, Step out on Nothing, and the title refers to stepping out on faith for others, as Mr. Pitts said many have done for him.

Pitts has been several times to Afghanistan and was asked whether he thought the United States could win its war there. He noted that IED's, the most effective weapon against our military, cost about $10 to make.

"I've never seen a child play a game in Afghanistan. ..." he said. "The only thing I ever saw children do is throw rocks at women who didn't have men in their lives."

Neither Pitts nor the question-asker defined victory in Afghanistan, but Mr. Pitts was not optimistic.

"How do you defeat an enemy who's not afraid to die? ..." he said. "Best I can tell it's all uphill."

Still, Pitts said capturing Osama bin Laden is a worthy priority for the U.S. He said that, in his travels, he's found that most people have an affection for America, but there's an underlying belief that the country is soft.

That, "if you kill a couple of Americans, they'll walk away."


Mark Couch said...

I really enjoyed this article. I totally agree with Pitts. How do you defeat someone who isn't afraid to die. That in it's self says a lot.
I like to cover much of the same stuff on my blog. I love America and want everyone to know what our administration is up to. Thanks for loving freedom.
Him Always,
Mark C

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