Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Not a good evening for Sonny Perdue

Gov. Perdue's push to fold the state pardons and parole officers into the Georgia Department of Corrections went down in flames this evening on the floor of the Georgia House.

The vote against House Bill 1030 was 59-108, which presumably means House members like parole board members more than they like lame duck governors.

Even bigger, though, the House and Senate both re-appointed conference committees for a couple of pieces of transportation legislation: House Resolution 206 and House Bill 277. Those were the vehicles for last year's version of a transportation funding plan, which then Speaker of the House Glenn Richardson seemed to put on hold at the end of the session.

If the House and Senate are getting ready to fire that conference committee back up, that means they don't think the governor's transportation bill is going anywhere.

They would not be alone in that opinion. The idea would be to resurrect one of the various transportation funding plans that have come close to passing, but haven't passed, in the last few years. Probably some sort of regional T-SPLOST like the Senate was pushing last year, but only time will tell.

The new conferees for the House are Majority Leader Jerry Keen, Caucus Chair Donna Sheldon and Transportation Chairman Jay Roberts. For the Senate it's President Pro Tem Tommie Williams, Transportation Chairman Jeff Mullis and Judiciary Chairman Preston Smith.

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