Thursday, January 21, 2010

Education cuts: Do we need $36 million in testing?

It was interesting yesterday to hear state Schools Superintendent Kathy Cox complain, strongly, about the effect education cuts will have on Georgia schools. But she never asked for more money.

I wrote a piece about it for today's paper, which you can read here. You can find just about all the legislative stuff I do for The Telegraph, plus Associated Press coverage, on our General Assembly home page.

One thing I left out of the story, but found interesting: The state spends $36 million a year on K-12 testing. Of that, $21 million is for tests required by the state, but not required by the federal government, Cox said.

State Rep. Jimmy Pruett, R-Eastman, questioned the the spending during yesterday's education budget hearing. Superintendent Cox said her department is reviewing the issue and may do away with some tests, particularly in first grade. She said losing the first grade tests would save the state about $700,000 a year.

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