Thursday, July 9, 2009

A pharmaceutical company in Pennsylvania wants Nathan Deal to be Governor in Georgia

You have to wonder: Why would out-of-state companies in the health industry be interested in the Georgia gubernatorial race?

Possibly because U.S. Rep. Nathan Deal is a member of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce's Health subcommittee. And I believe there's some sort of health care debate going on in Washington.

The following donors, all out of state, and all in the health care industry, are listed on Cong. Deal's filing with the State Ethics Commission:

Watson Laboratories in California: $5,000
U.S. Oncology in Texas: $1,000
Power Mobility Coalition of Texas: $500
... which is lists as a donor the The Scooter Store in Texas: $2,000
Teva Pharmaceutical in Pennsylvania: $6,100
Taro Pharmaceutical in New York: $250
Sandoz in New Jersey: $5,000
The NCPA in Virginia: $5,000
Pride Mobility in Pennsylvania: $5,000

And one in Georgia: United Health Services gave $15,000. UHS can see the future - they not only maxed out by giving $6,100 for the primary and general election, they gave $2,800 for an anticipated primary runoff.

All that adds up to $38,850, or about 4 percent of the $980,290 Deal raised from donors the last six months.

Harris Blackwood, spokesman for the deal campaign, had this to say about the spending: "They certainly have made an investment in our campaign for governor and these are people who support our candidacy."


Page Pate said...

Just wanted to say that you are doing an outstanding job of digging into the details of these reports. I have no interest in any of the campaigns, but I enjoy reading your posts. If more Georgians knew or cared about who was funding these campaigns, perhaps we would see some changes.

Please keep up the good work.

Page Pate

Lucid Idiocy said...

Page, not much makes me happier at work than people paying attention.

Many thanks.

whatwhatsthescene said...

i'm trying to not pay attention but your blogs are making that more difficult.