Monday, July 6, 2009

Glenn Richardson has all the money, and is backing Nathan Deal

A few interesting things from Speaker of the House Glenn Richardson's just filed campaign finance report:
  • It looks like the speaker has picked a horse in the 2010 governor's race: His campaign gave $6,100 to U.S. Rep. Nathan Deal's campaign. It's the only gubernatorial donation listed. The same goes for House Majority Leader Jerry Keen.
  • All is forgiven for state Rep. Tom Graves, who is running for Deal's seat in Congress. The speaker gave Graves' campaign $1,000 in early June. Graves is running, remember, against Mike Evans (among others), who didn't vote the speaker's way back when Gena Abraham (now Gena Evans) was named DOT commissioner.
  • Just because you don't really have a re-election campaign to worry about doesn't mean the fundraising and strategery trains stop running. Over the last six months the speaker's campaign committee raised about $88,000. There are payouts from the committee totaling more than $11,000 for fundraising services and $25,500 to MMV Consulting (run by former chief of staff Jay Walker) for political consulting. It costs about $1,000 a month in bookkeeping fees alone just to keep track of the cash running through The Committee to Elect Glenn Richardson, Inc.
  • The speaker makes generous donations to McKenna Farms Therapy, which is apparently a group that helps people with special needs. In February his campaign committee donated $17,000 and in April $7,500.

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