Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Handel: Building a database, bringing things on

Someone is pretty brilliant over at Handel for Governor, where apparently things can be brought.

Secretary of State Karen Handel is using flamethrower language over the U.S. Justice Department — excuse me, President Barack Obama's Justice Department — doing away with her office's citizenship check program.

Though her gubernatorial campaign Handel is trying to get 10,000 signatures on a petition to tell the president "that thousands of Georgians support citizenship verification for voter registration."

The petition literally tells the president of the United States to Bring It On: "Think illegal aliens and non-citizens should be able to vote in Georgia, Mr. President? I don’t. Bring It On."

And what information must you give to sign the online petition? Your name, zip code and email address. How quickly do you think those folks will get a fundraiser email?

Bring it on.
Oh, I'll bring it.
Good then, it will be brought.
You're damn right, 'cause I'm gonna bring it.
Good then. Bring it. On.


Nick said...

If Republicans ever wonder why they are in the situation they are in nationally this is why. Where exactly in Georgia are these “illegals and non citizens” trying to vote?

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