Wednesday, April 29, 2009

This just in: Barack Obama hits 100 Days

A live blog translated.

Pres. Obama calls current flu "H1N1."

Fundamental change in economy needed as we "clean up the wreckage of this recession." And that's what his budget begins to do. Problem eventually solved.

My administration is unstoppable in all days numbered off in 100s.

"We will rebuild a stronger nation, and we will endure as a beacon for all of those weary travelers beyond our shores who still dream that there’s a place where all of this is possible."
- updated from Chicago Sun-Times transcript

Calls on "Jennifer" first and microphone does not work. Gaffe!

It seems to me that, if you're going to get H1N1, you'd want to do it early, before, say, the 50 million antivirals were taken. The president didn't say that, but it might be my new plan.

President: Take sensible precautions. Wash you hands. Cover your mouth when you cough. Possibly qualified to be president: Your mother.

Uh-Oh! Someone asks an Arlen Specter question!
Pres. Obama: "I've been there. Turns out all the senators have strong opinions."

Immigration: Hey, we're working on it. Janet Napolitano is on it. We'll probably move this year. "Ultimately I don't have control of the legislative calendar."

Question: What are you gonna do for black people?

Answer: "Keep in mind every step we are taking is designed to help all people. But... "

Lucid Idiocy is happy to endorse the concept of community health clinics, without comment as to how they should be funded. Think of them as triage locations for hospitals.

Question: What kind of shareholder are you going to be in AIG, G.M., etc.? What is the government's role as the keeper of public trusts and bonds in soon to be public companies?

Answer: "Shareholders that are looking to get out."

Helen Thomas has her notebook closed. She is smiling and laughing as the president lists off stuff he'd rather do than fix G.M., Chrysler and the banking industry:
I want to disabuse this notion that we want to grow government. "I would love a nice lean portfolio to deal with, but that's not the hand that's been dealt us."
Bob Schaffer: "This was a clinic in how you run a good news conference."

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