Monday, April 27, 2009

SB 55 delays Bibb County revaluation

Here we go. A complicated situation gets more complicated, but some folks may end up seeing lower taxes for it. From Telegraph reporter Jennifer Burk:
The mailing of new Bibb County property values has been delayed one month as assessors work to comply with a new law requiring them to consider foreclosures and bank sales in their assessments. ...

On April 14, Gov. Sonny Perdue signed a bill into law requiring that foreclosures and bank sales be considered in determining a property’s fair market value, Crutchfield said. Those kinds of sales usually were not taken into account because they typically don’t have a willing buyer and a willing seller — a characteristic of a fair-market sale, she said.
Given that we haven't had a successful reval since 2001, that people are just ready and waiting to appeal their assessments, that our last (failed) revaluation produced about 18,000 appeals and that the tax commissioner's office says it needs these new values by late August...

It will be impressive if the tax assessor's office is able to get all this done, and hear all the appeals, in time.

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Keich said...


Did anyone think they would get this thing out on time?

Does anyone think they will finish by August?

Everyone who paid even the slightest attention to that office knew something would happen. And while this appears to be totally beyond their control, it still furthers my whole, "that office is cursed and it needs to be torn down so a priest a rabbi and mullah can try to exorcise the bad ju-ju from that place.