Saturday, April 4, 2009

Post session thought: Will Perdue sign HB 481?

Yes, he probably will.*

Gov. Sonny Perdue appeared in the House shortly before sine die and gave a short speech in which he thanked legislators for their hard work. He did not visit the Senate, and I don't know whether to read anything into that or not.*

After his visit to the House, the governor certainly did not say he'd veto House Bill 481, which contains all the job tax credits as well as the capital gains tax cut. But he was cautious.

"We'll really have to look at all of these," the governor said. "I frankly am going to have to look at it in the context of capacity (in the budget). ... I am always worried about pop-up revenue measures that come up."

That last part references the fact that the capital gains tax cut made it into HB 481 on Thursday. And Gov. Perdue can't simply remove that cut from the job tax credits in the bill. He has to sign the whole thing or nothing.

Senate Majority Leader Chip Rogers said there will probably be a lot of lobbying to get the governor to sign the bill. He also said that the governor's attorney was in the room when the capital gains cut was added to the bill.

* I mean, I think. Also, I do read something into it and it's a big "hey buddy" to the Senate, and/or a "thank you" for getting that governance bill passed 91-84.

The 2010 governor's race has begun.

UPDATE: The speaker's office says Gov. Perdue was invited to visit the House.

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