Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hannity: "Since when did America become the land of equal results, not equal opportunity?"

I interviewed Fox News Channel commentator and talk radio host Sean Hannity last night. He called in during his ride home from Fox's studios in New York.

He was gracious with his time and I've transcribed most of the 26-minute interview, which we will run in its entirety online tomorrow. But I thought I'd highlight a couple of paragraphs here.

Hannity will be in Atlanta Wednesday for one of the hundreds of "tea parties" planned across the country to protest the bailouts, stimulus, the Obama administration's tax policies and the general trend away from conservative values in this country.

UPDATE: The full interview on our main site.
TELEGRAPH: Let's talk about the media for a minute. This maybe is a personal pet peeve of mine. How come amazingly popular guys in the media are always saying the media is ignoring things?
HANNITY: (Laughs). Because we are the alternative media.

TELEGRAPH: You're the No. 2 talk show host in the country. You're not that alternative.
HANNITY: Well, but we're alternative in as much as — people are scratching their heads all the time, 'Well why is talk radio and the Fox News Channel successful?" If it wasn't filling a void, and it was the same old media... I don't think we would have the viewership or the listenership that we have. ... I would argue that most of the nation's newspapers are standardly liberal. You look at the last campaign and I first interviewed Jeremiah Wright in March of 2007. ... It was about a year later that it became a big issue. Same thing with Bill Ayers. When I discovered that issue we stayed on that pretty hard and it was months later that the rest of the media kind of picked up on it. So I would argue that we're doing things and covering stories that they ignore on a regular basis. I would argue that conservatives are not typically the people that go to protests. They're busy working hard. ... And for them to want to get politically active (with these tea parties), I think, shows a heightened level of concern that I think is fairly unprecedented.


Nick said...

Man I can't believe you wasted this much space on that guy! He is precisely the problem with American politics. There is no middle ground anymore because Republicans are afraid of him and ole Rushie. Just after the inauguration President Obama met with a group of genuine intellectual conservatives, who disagree with him, but on issues not just with rhetoric. Did Bush ever meet with liberal columnist? Don’t think so. President Obama went to meet with the Republican house and Senate leadership. Did Bush ever go to the Hill to meet with Democrats? NO. If we could rid ourselves of Limbaugh and Hannity then American politics would be instantly more civil and maybe we could get some things done.

And would someone please find me a quote from President Obama saying that America is to become the land of equal results not opportunity. That's what investment in education and health care is about, opportunity not results.

I assume an Ed Schultz or Keith Olbermann interview is coming soon?

Lucid Idiocy said...

If Ed Schultz or Keith Olbermann come to Georgia and will talk to me, I'll certainly talk to them.

And there's no middle ground anymore in American politics in large part because of the way we draw our legislative and congressional districts.

Hannity fills a niche, which is the natural order of things.