Saturday, April 4, 2009

The 2009 Georgia state legislature has adjourned Sine Die

You know that song "Stay," by Jackson Browne? The opposite of that.

When I took that second picture there was another person shooting essentially the same thing.

"These are the people passing our legislation," the shooter said. "And they just trash the place and leave it for poor people to clean up."

That might be a little harsh, if potentially accurate.

I asked one of the people cleaning it all up and he said it will probably take until about 4 a.m.

"It don't make any sense," he said. "But it don't bother me none."

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kimmie said...

Well if this isn't the old adage that a picture tells a million stories.

I'm sickened on so many levels, if there is this much paper left around, who could possibly have read and understood all this? Do these folks have any clue what they voted for after hour 11?

It's really a metaphor for what the lawmakers have done to this state made a giant mess for someone else to clean up.

I guess the bill to force recycling at the capitol probably didn't pass either- Sorry Pat Gardner.

Sad, really really sad.