Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sen. Brown on owed taxes: I don't know, because I haven't filed

State Sen. Robert Brown, D-Macon, said this morning that he has filed for extensions on his state and federal taxes, and may or may not owe money.

He wouldn't say how many years he's done this or provide any other information. Last night, 11 Alive reported that Brown told them he had not filed for two years, and that he cited his health as the reason.

Sen. Brown said this morning that he does not know whether he is one of the 19 state legislators that the Department of Revenue has said aren't current on their taxes. The department hasn't named them, citing their policy to keep tax information private unless a lien is filed.

When he spoke to 11 Alive, Brown said he was simply using himself as an example of why he thinks a proposal from state Sen. Eric Johnson is a bad idea. Sen. Johnson's resolution would give the Senate more power over colleagues who do not pay their taxes.

That's the Department of Revenue and Internal Revenue Service's job, Brown said.

"It is not a group of political hacks over at the Senate who should have that authority," Brown said.

Sen. Brown said he is current on all local property taxes. He doesn't know whether his federal or state taxes are current because "you don't know that until you actually complete the process of filing," he said.

"I am bearing the same (tax) burden (as my constituents)," Brown said. "I am simply exercising the same rules (which allow me to file for an extension)."

If anyone back home doesn't like it, Brown said "they can vote."

"In 2010 I will stand to be judged on what I just said," he said.

Sen. Johnson's resolution will be discussed this afternoon in the Senate Rules Committee. Sen. Johnson chairs the Senate's Ethics Committee.


happydonnie said...

He's a sorry butt.Sent him home with out pay.

Rocky22 said...


RealDeal said...

Brown states that people can vote come 2010 on what he has said. I say the vote can come TODAY by his colleagues that are tired of rogue individuals representing its citizens. Talking one way and acting another. This is exactly what this bill is all about and it's about time legislatures started being required to maintain a strict standard of conduct and strict ethics.

I another subject, wasn't there some Macon attorney that was a state representative long time ago that was caught messing around on his wife and/or someone else's wife and it became public. Seems to me like there was some big stink about all this and with him being in the state legislature. But irregardless the point is he know longer is there. Ethics of the legilative members is something that must be enforced by the current legislative body. Without ethics everything these men and women do just goes down the tubes.

Back to Brown specifically, ROBERT BROWN has done nothing signficant since he's been in office and is not deserving of the seat he holds. All the senators that represented the district he represents before him, as well as all the other state senators, should protest and demand his removal for direspecting his seat. It's time for this individual to be put back on the streets from the state house to the out house immediately. This will send a message to all the others to uphold your legislative seat well or you will be removed.

Lucid Idiocy said...

Lot of folks running Sen. Brown down on this issue, which of course I understand.

But I don't remember him having any competition at the ballot box in recent years.

If he's such a bad guy, how no one ever runs against him?

How come no one ran against Macon City Councilman Charles Jones two years ago? He's perennially late paying his property taxes.

Howard M. Smith said...

This is the same Mr.BROWN that BLOCKED Macon city council's request to reduce it's members to 7 from 15. City council voted for it, ALL of our other state reps OK'd it , but MR. Brown killed it....REMEMBER. If he has health problems, he should resign and PAY HIS BACK TAXES.