Thursday, March 5, 2009

UPDATED: Robert Brown is about to go apoplectic in the Senate

UPDATE 3: This is the story I filed. Look for more details in tomorrow's paper. The Associated Press has named three of the legislators in question.
UPDATE 2: The rule failed, 32-16. Apparently, it required a super majority. Who knew? They did a hand vote, so it's difficult to say who all voted against.
UPDATE: Brown's speech was calm, if very personal. He told the story of his failing health in recent years, which he said nearly killed him and caused him to lose contorl over his business. He said funds went missing, as did records needed for his tax returns.

He put on the Senate video boards a relatively famous picture of Sen. Johnson holding the former Georgia flag (with the Confederate emblem) in both hands above his head, and said this ethics resolution is simply an attempt to pander to voters. Johnson is running statewide for lieutenant governor.

As for the ethics resolution, "It's absolute trash," Brown said. He said it should go straight into the wastebasket. Then he repeated himself, but it sounded like, instead of wastebasket, he may have said "race basket."

Oh, and Sen. Brown called Rush Limbaugh a pill-popping moron and chastised Sen. Johnson for his proposal to have the state apologize for slavery. He told him to take gang members to Africa, if he was interested in slavery, and have them free slaves on that continent who dig up the gold that goes in the gang members' mouth.
State Sen. Eric Johnson is presenting his House Resolution 452 right now. That's the change in ethics rules that would give the Senate more power to punish members who aren't current on their taxes.

State Sen. Robert Brown, D-Macon, apparently isn't
, and he's going to speak against this resolution. He promised me earlier that Sen. Johnson "is gonna hear from me like he's never heard from me before."

He used some colorful words to describe Sen. Johnson and said that, if Senate rules didn't prevent it, he'd use them from the well today.

Just now, when Johnson noted that his resolution "is not a witch hunt," Brown broke the silence in the rest of the Senate chamber.

"Ha! Ha! Ha!," Brown shouted from the back of the room.

I expect Sen. Brown to take the well shortly.


buzzbrockway said...

Wow. I'm going to have to actually watch Lawmakers tonight. Hopefully they'll show some of this.

Keich said...

Is Brown medicated?

Nick said...

Johnson's full of it. I hope everyone has to see that picture unitl we vote again for Lt. Gov. I'm proud of ol' Brown.