Thursday, March 5, 2009

The new Glenn Richardson: A marrier, not a fighter

I'm not sure I even have a joke here. But strange things are afoot in the Georgia House of Representatives. And the new-and-improved Speaker of the House may be here to stay. He's buying people stuff, he's marrying people...

Speaker of the House Glenn Richardson just proposed an amendment to a bill dealing with marriage licenses and sickle cell anemia testing.

It would allow any constitutional officer, or any former constitutional officer, to perform a marriage. That would include, of course, the Speaker of the House himself.

Love is in the air again. And the speaker can make it official.

State Rep. Bobby Franklin was the only legislator to vote against the amended bill. Afterward, state Rep. Roger Bruce was recognized and asked, "Do we now have to refer to you as reverend?"

Replied Speaker Pro Tem Mark Burkhalter, "It is a little scary, I've got to confess."

UPDATE: A more cynical member of the press corps than I notes that this would likely allow the state's constitutional officers to make some money on the side, by charging for their marrying services. Makes you wonder, how many marriages would it take to make $21 million?

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H.O. Blues said...

Who does Richardson want to marry? Would he consider marrying the governor, that would settle the "freedom to marry who you choose" problem pretty quickly.