Friday, March 6, 2009

UPDATED: The lastish word on legislators and taxes

These are the documents from the Georgia Department of Revenue that show, with names redacted, the legislators who have failed to file a tax return for at least one year going back to 2002.

Note one representative is missing returns for six years, according to the DOR. That right there ought to tell you how long it takes the system to reach "final adjudication," and how the system is either incredibly slow or can be incredibly gamed.

And final adjudication is what you need before someone is proven guilty. And you're supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. So how do you remove a duly elected official from office until they're proven guilty?

If you don't know that you can click on these to enlarge them, please punch yourself in the side of the head.

UPDATE: One thing I'll add to this. Sen. Robert Brown has volunteered enough information about his tax situation for people to believe there's a problem, but not enough to really describe the problem.

He would only tell me that he has not filed taxes for some year or years, and that he had an extension or extensions. He told 11 Alive, according to their report, that this was the case for two years.

He said Thursday that his health declined severely in 2007, leading to the tax problems. So, if the two-year time period is correct, we'd be looking at 2007 and 2008 as years he failed to file in.

The list above does not include 2008. So you'd look for 2007. There's no senator on that list who only has a problem with their 2007 taxes.

It is entirely possible, perhaps even likely, that Robert Brown is not on that list. Which would mean that the DOR doesn't have a problem with his tax situation. Which would mean that, by volunteering enough information to beg questions, and not enough to answer them, he has brought heaps of criticism upon himself for reasons I would not pretend to understand.


Amy Morton said...

Travis, what does the notation at the top of the second page mean, "The accounts below would fall out of the current campaign..." or something close to that?

Lucid Idiocy said...

Sorry, Amy, I don't know.