Tuesday, March 31, 2009

H.R. 1: Back from the dead again

House Resolution 1, which calls for a statewide referendum to add annual limits in property value reassessments to the Georgia Constitution, went down twice already this session in the House of Representatives.

It takes a two-thirds majority to call a referendum. That means Democrats would have to vote for it. They didn't. Now the legislation is back. The House Rules Committee pasted it into Senate Resolution 1, state Sen. Chip Rogers repeated effort to get some sort of TABOR amendment into the state constitution.

I wasn't at the rules meeting to see it happen, but have confirmed this with the speaker's office. It doesn't sound like there's any kind of deal brewing to get the Democratic votes it would take to actually pass this thing. It's just the House leadership taking another shot.

Or, as Marshall Guest, the message-disciplined spokesman for Speaker of the House Glenn Richardson said: "We're giving Democrats a fifth chance to give Georgians property tax relief."

Translation: Here's your last chance to vote the way we want you to, or we're going to send out a bunch of campaign mailers next year saying you love property taxes and hate old people who own homes.

This is the fifth chance, by the way, because House Democrats also helped block two attempts to pass Senate Bill 83.

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BobGriggs said...

I am disgusted by the ignorance of the lemming Republicans in the House. I just sent the following to every member of the House by email:

"House Democrats-- please continue to resist efforts to pass HR1, now incorporated into SR1.

"On this issue (statewide assessment cap), YOU ARE RIGHT and the REPUBLICANS ARE WRONG. The harm that this bill will cause is measurable and easily proven.

"By resisting SR1/HR1, you will give Georgians REAL TAX RELIEF because you will have protected them from HIGHER TAX RATES caused by ignorant, POLITICALLY-MOTIVATED REPUBLICANS.

"I am a conservative, but I am also intellectually honest. I am disgusted by Republicans' refusal to understand this issue.

"Please visit MillageRate.com/blog/ for more info. If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact me at 770-713-8070. Further, I am available to respond on your behalf to any effort by Republicans to use this vote against you."