Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dude, look what it takes to regulate BINGO

The House is talking about increasing the state-mandated cap on BINGO game prizes from $1,500 a day to $15,000 a day. Apparently BINGO is big business, and Georgia BINGO games can't compete with uncapped BINGO games in neighboring states.

If you don't vote for the cap increase, you hate veterans and church groups. If you vote against it, you hate children, because high-dollar BINGO games would compete with the lottery, and the lottery funds pre-K programs.

Who knew? But check out all the language it takes to change that and just a few other things about BINGO games.

Debate on this bill, by the way, has drawn no fewer than a half dozen folks who want to speak from the well of the House.

UPDATE: House Bill 674 passed the House 107-54.

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