Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Thursday at the Capitol: A ripple in still water

Thursday looks like a busy day in the General Assembly. The House is scheduled to take up property tax reassessment caps, via HR 1 and HB 233.

The Senate has all kinds of things on its schedule, including the ever popular seat-belts-in-pickups bill, something about nurse licensing requirements, a change to penalties for driving on a restricted license (I think), the governor's Aviation Authority act and the so-called Taxpayer Protection Amendment, which would route state surpluses to education, the state's reserves or back to the taxpayers.

Then there's a bill that certainly sounds complicated enough to be important: SB 63: Insurance; multiple employer self-insured health plan; independent nonpropriety institutions of higher education; not subject to requirements.

Nonpropriety does not appear to be a word. I believe they mean nonproprietary, but I'm no less confused. I think I need a moment.

Special thanks to the Senate Press Office and the Grateful Dead.


griftdrift said...

I usually turn towards "Scarlet Begonias".

"The Sky was yellow and the sun was blue".

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