Tuesday, February 3, 2009

How'd Sonny spend the money?

A bunch of folks from Gov. Sonny Perdue's home of Houston County were in Atlanta today for a luncheon. I spoke to several of them, and no matter how many questions there are this year about state government, there's one question everyone wants an answer to.

What did Gov. Sonny Perdue spend that $21 million loan on?

I used to work in Houston County, covering government there. And when Alan Judd at The AJC broke the story on Gov. Perdue's loan I shook a lot of the trees I knew of down there.

And no one knows anything. But they all want to know. And they want to know how he managed to get the loan on significantly more generous terms than they could get for themselves. And these are his friends.

Today I spoke to one man who I consider just about as plugged into the business establishment in the Warner Robins area as you can be. And he said he's talked to everyone he can think of, and can't get a whisper of fact about what that loan was for.

I told him that, if he can't find out, I'm going to stop trying.


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