Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Georgia Republicans: Cut taxes for stimulus

REWRITE: This is the story I wrote:
ATLANTA — Georgia Republicans proposed massive changes in Georgia’s tax system Wednesday, calling for a dozen new tax breaks meant to spur business growth in what supporters termed a homegrown stimulus package.
Here is the governor's press release describing his proposals.

The other proposals are contained in House Bills 481 and 482.


Nick said...

Does sound 2001-like to me. Also sounds like pretty dumb policy since it is proven not to have worked. Tell me how the tax cuts will help come up with the money that has been cut for state services?

Lucid Idiocy said...

You're skipping the first question, Nick. Do we need the state to provide all those services?

Some of the cuts that have been made during this budget difficulty will no doubt be temporary. Others may be permanent, an actual successful round of government downsizing.

Nick said...

Some of the services we don't need. But we are cutting essential services (education, social services, etc…). We have been smart to have all the state agencies look for ways to cut waste off of their budgets. I’m not for big government, I’m for efficient government. But tax cuts alone have been proven not to stimulate the economy, ask W about that.