Thursday, October 9, 2008

Something interesting Sen. Chambliss said

I'm down here at the Senate/8th District Debate in Perry. We're getting coverage up as we can (8th District debate hasn't even started) on the main site.

But something Sen. Chambliss said struck me as interesting: "Fact is we've never had a tax cut we didn't pay for."

He also said the "government will not lose a dime under this proposal," with the proposal being the bailout. But last week in Macon, Sen. Chambliss said he couldn't promise that:
"I think there's a good chance that, over the long haul, that all of this money could be paid back," Chambliss said. "But we can't guarantee that."
Direct links to the 8th District debate story, and the Senate debate.

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griftdrift said...

Wish I'd known you were there. We could have shook hands and made fun of each other.

My favorite Saxby line of the night was when he said "the generals decided to into Iraq".

Really. I thought there was someone a little higher in the chain of command who probably made that decision.