Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Every frowning cop in America endorses Saxby Chambliss

Please note: That headline is not accurate.

A bunch of Georgia sheriffs and police chiefs were in Macon today to endorse Sen. Saxby Chambliss in his race against Democratic challenger Jim Martin and Libertarian Allen Buckley.

Look how happy they are about it:

Not pictured: His love for Johnny Isakson.

This is a list of endorsers (CORRECTION: Expected attendees, not endorsers) Sen. Chambliss' campaign put out, though I didn't see Sheriff Modena at the event:
Sheriffs: John Cary Bittick (Monroe), Jerry Modena (Bibb), Cullen Talton (Houston), Howard Sills (Putnam), Jeff Watson (Taylor), Mike Yeager (Coweta), Mike Jolley (Harris), Darren Mitchum (Twiggs), Butch Conway (Gwinnett), Joe Buice (Lamar), Scott Berry (Oconee), Terry Deese (Peach), Dee Stewart (Spalding), and Harold Lancaster (Bleckley).

Georgia Police Chiefs: Lonnie Holder (Reynolds), George Stagmeier (Hinesville), Paul Jordan (Wadley), Franklin Allen (Grantville), Tony Black (Whigham), Steve Land (Hazelhurst), Wesley Fletcher (Pearson), John Anderson (Fort Valley), Frederick Brown (Auburn), Dwayne Hobbs (City of Forest Park), Adam Lowe (City of Gray), and Frank Lang (Moultrie).
UPDATE: Uh-oh. Sheriff Jerry Modena: "I didn't authorize that. I've got my own race that I'm running. ... We've been long time friends... but they certainly didn't clear that with me. ... We both have our own races and we're running them."

I'm talking to a campaign spokeswoman right now. She's going to find out what happened.

UPDATE 2: This is my mistake... sort of. I took that list from a press advisory the campaign sent out. It doesn't say that the people listed are endorsing Sen. Chambliss, it says "Saxby will be joined by the following Georgia Sheriffs:"

According to campaign spokeswoman Michelle Grasso, "Not everyone who showed up officially endorsed." She also said that Modena was initially expected at the event, but ended up not attending. She said a campaign representative will call him to smooth things over.

It's a little goofy to send out a list of attendees instead of endorsers, but I should have read more carefully.

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Nick said...

I just thought about this, but are they allowed to do political events in uniform? The sheriff in Ohio who showed up at the Palin rally is under investigation I heard.