Sunday, July 6, 2008

Vernon Jones: Not quite a liar, but close.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you have to digitally alter a photograph to get the desired effect, that probably means you shouldn't print thousands of copies and mail them out to voters. Unless you mean to be deceptive.

From The AJC:
DeKalb CEO and U.S. Senate candidate Vernon Jones has mailed "thousands" of flyers across the state bearing an image of himself and Obama holding microphones in front of a campaign crowd with the headline: "Yes We Can!"

At first glance, it appears the two men are at the same campaign event. But they are not. The photo of Jones was digitally joined with one of Obama.

Any photographer, editor or reporter for any legitimate newspaper in this country would be fired for doing this. But if you feel candidates for the United States Senate should be held to a lesser standard, I think you've found your man.

You should ask, though: Once he's elected, what other photographs or documents would Mr. Jones digitally alter to further his political career?


Anonymous said...

He's the most qualified and you'll don't have anything else to talk about but that so stop the foolishness and grow up.

Keich said...

Yes, he did a great job in DeKalb didn't he?

Anonymous said...

I think you and Vernon's competition are just mad because he beat them to the punch! While this approach is different. I think this move was genius. He accomplished four goals in one quick blow.
1. People can see and know who he is.
2. People will know that he supports the Democratic Presidential candidate (Barack Obama)
3. He used the opportunity to publicize his stance on important issues to the American people.
4. He was able to ask for their vote.

It looks like he is just campaigning to win this election to me! Go Vernon! I hope you win!

Lucid Idiocy said...

Well I can't argue with this:

"He's the most qualified and you'll don't have anything else to talk about but that so stop the foolishness and grow up."

Brilliantly put.

Amy Morton said...

Whether or not he did a great job in DeKalb is open for discussion. I think that it's fair to say that he was "distracted" by allegations during his tenure there. And, the reason the flyer is an issue is because it speaks to his character and his willingness to trick voters-not what I want in a U.S. Senator. Plus, this is a Democratic primary. In Macon last week I asked him if he had actually voted twice for Bush, and if so, whether he regreted the votes. The answers were yes he did, and no he didn't with a lot of 911 and terrorism dropped in the middle. Then he said something about not wanting to change leadership while we are at war. Are we not still at war? Does that mean that we should vote for the current leadership? As in, Saxby? Then, he make the most inane comment:"Just because you vote for someone doesn't mean you agree with their policies." Really? That makes an election a beauty contest, right?

Vernon Jones is not the leadership we need for the party or for Georgia. I can't vote for him because I vote for democrats, and if voting for Bush twice, without regret is not the definition of a Republican, I don't know what is.

Nick said...

Well said Amy!