Thursday, July 17, 2008

Unanimous... except for two of the four guys

So I'm on the phone with erstwhile Senate candidate Josh Lanier a few minutes ago when I get an email from Jim Martin's Senate campaign. It claims a "unanimous" endorsement from Mr. Martin's former opponents.

Forgetting for a moment that it's not "unanimous" unless Vernon Jones lost his mind at some point today and endorsed his opponent in the runoff, there's still a problem: Mr. Lanier has said repeatedly that he won't be endorsing anyone in the runoff.

And he confirmed that as I read a bit of the Martin campaign's email to him this afternoon.

I imagine this is a simple case of someone making an assumption, then hitting the send button a little too quickly, but, still, not good. From the Martin press release:
"I am honored to have the unanimous support of the opponents I faced this past Tuesday,” said Jim Martin. “The Democratic Party needs a strong U.S. Senate candidate this November, and I am proud to have the endorsements of Dale, Rand and Josh. Their support demonstrates that I am the best person to tackle the tough issues facing our state.”


By the way, I can confirm that Mr. Knight is endorsing Mr. Martin. I spoke to him this morning and he said he planned to.

UPDATE: From Martin's campaign manager, Ellery Gould: "There was a miscommunication.. Josh was at our election-night party, had a really great, supportive conversation with Jim and we were a little early on announcing his endorsement. ... We are retracting the endorsement claim."

Also - the Georgia AFL-CIO is endorsing Martin for the runoff, according to President Richard Ray.


Anonymous said...

Martin's Campaign Team is on a roll!

(1) After telling their supporters they would raise 2.5 million for the primary, and another 5 million for the general, they raise only 3/4 million.

(2) After falling embarrassingly short of their 2.5 million goal, miss the 6/25th FEC filing deadline and receive a letter informing them of impending fines and an audit if they do not immediately submit the report as required by federal law.

(3) After coming in second to Vernon Jones, claim to have the endorsements of all his opponents, failing to actually confirm the facts.

Anonymous said...

Yea anon, you know how those right wing extremist republican ethics commissions are.

First they bankrupt the U.S. Banking system by lack of oversight, then to distract our attention, they start nitpicking at minor issues with candidates that oppose their downward spiral.

Then they wait til the day after a Fiscal 2009 election to announce a Fiscal 2008 $600 million, State budget shortfall.

Then they sleep with lobbyists and get their lawyer turned activist judge buddies seal their divorce records.

Then they pay out $150,000 to allow GDOT Board members to continue sexually harassing the employees, without any personal consequences for the perpetrator.

Must be nice to be a Georgia Republican these days, they could probably get away with murder and get Jesus to bail them out as long as their buddies that own the Bail Bond companies were making a profit.

GeorgiaValues said...


The FEC is the Federal Elections Commission, they are the Federal organization that issued the letter to the Martin Campaign wacking them for not filing their FEC report on time as required by Federal law.

The Georgia State Ethics Commission has absolutely nothing to do with FEC filing requirements.