Friday, July 11, 2008

The Sunday surprise

And so we come to the weekend before an election, when someone, somewhere is sure to do something shady, ridiculous, desperate or all three to convince voters to choose them on Tuesday.

Though it was actually more than a few days before the election, this will always be one of my favorite political ads. It's from last year's Macon city elections. But since the guy who did it lost and is just an ordinary ole citizen now, I took his name out.

We piled on him pretty good at the time, though.
Saturday, July 7, 2007

The last two weeks before an election always bring out the best in local campaign strategy. The last push comes. Some campaigns go negative.

The July edition of the Georgia Informer, a locally produced newspaper, is flush with ads from candidates for Macon mayor and City Council.

Based on those ads, CANDIDATE, he of the unpaid child-support bills and well-publicized criminal record, may have pulled off the greatest coup in the history of Macon politics.

On page 27 of the Informer he lists several dozen endorsements. But the headliner is pretty obvious. He says he has been endorsed by God.

In fact, God is listed as his top endorsement because "he's the head of my life, and then he should be first on my endorsement list," Candidate said.

Last on the list? We're glad you asked. None other than "Etc."

God, of course, was not reached for comment. Candidate said we'll "know for sure after the election" whether the Lord has actually endorsed him or not. That election, by the way, is July 17.

There is another bit of astounding news to report out of all of this. Apparently God is a Macon resident. We know this because the Almighty's endorsement appears below Candidate's announcement in the newspaper that "The Following Resident Are Proud To Publicly Endorse Candidate:"

And, no, resident wasn't pluralized.

By the way, Candidate also advertises an endorsement from the entire 1980 graduating class of Northeast High School. Asked how The Telegraph might confirm that endorsement, Candidate said we'd simply "have to call them and find out."

Have a good weekend, folks. And remember to vote on Tuesday.