Friday, July 11, 2008

I hear it's a three-way race

I just got an email from DeKalb County CEO Vernon Jones' Senate campaign, reminding me that today is the last day of early voting.

The subject line: "Get in on the Action!"

In other news, I'm pretty sure America is a nation of whiners these days, Jesse Jackson has apparently lost his freaking mind and I've spent much of my week reviewing campaign finance documents and arguing with a spokeswoman for the vice president of the United States.

It wasn't fun. This is the top of a story we're running Sunday:
When Vice President Dick Cheney came to Middle Georgia last month for a private campaign fundraiser, the taxpayers picked up most of the travel costs and all of the security costs.

Congressional hopeful Rick Goddard's campaign made a $15,000 payment to the Republican National Committee to help pay for the trip, and a campaign spokesman said that's the total amount the campaign was asked to pay.

But press liasons for the RNC and the vice president's office wouldn't say whether that money was actually forwarded to the federal treasury. Spokeswomen for both entities simply referred the question back to each other.

And that is that. Keich, I promise to let this issue go for a little while now.

UPDATE: link to the actual story.


Nick said...

Why should you let it go, this is a legitimate issue.

Lucid Idiocy said...

There are a lot of legitimate issues, and only so much time.