Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Bishop, Hart, Modena dominate fundraising in Bibb County elections

UPDATE: Here's Jennifer's story.
If I can get local here for a minute...

As I expected, Bibb County Commission Chairman Charlie Bishop has dominated the fundraising aspect of his Republican primary race against former City Councilman Theron Ussery. He's raised nearly $41,500 so far to Ussery's $11,800.

Jennifer Burk here at the paper is covering the race and will have a piece in tomorrow's paper. Bishop has about $24,800 left on hand, and presumably won't have to spend much of that this month, with the primary July 15.

That's good, because it's going to be an absolute battle in the general election against former Bibb County Commissioner Sam Hart. Sorry, Mr. Ussery, but I expect Bishop to roll in the primary.

Hart has already spent about $10,000 (about $7,200 on some pretty expensive signs, which Erick Erickson questions the wisdom of). He has about $35,300 on hand.

Interestingly, though, more than $5,000 of Hart's money came from outside the county. It looks like all of Bishop's donors this period live here in Bibb.

Also - we noticed former Bibb County Commission Chairman Tommy Olmstead, a Democrat, gave Bishop $500. Bob Fountain, the former county engineer who ran for chairman four years ago (as a Democrat) is also a Bishop donor, as are the Ficklings and a lot of other movers and shakers here in the county.

Hart, who used to work for Mercer University (and may still) can count former Mercer President Kirby Godsey and Core Management CEO Tom Wagoner as $1,500 donors. NewTown CEO Mike Ford gave to both candidates.

I imagine the sides are largely set, but it will be interesting to see how the donors break down once the primary is officially in the books.

In the sheriff's race, incumbent Jerry Modena has raised nearly $88,000, but has only about $15,000 on hand. That kind of spending seems brutally excessive for this primary. He spent $17,000 in radio commercials alone. I have to wonder if some of the advertising is a package deal, and will run during the general election season, too.

His competition in the primary, Bill Lucas, raised about $20,500. But $11,600 is his own money. And only two people that live in the county, that aren't related to him, have given him $101 or more in the last three months.

In political circles this is known as "not good."


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Check out Bishop's ad? How can you not?? Every time I go online to read the paper, the dratted thing spams me and I have to click twice on it to make it go away. I hate that, almost as much as I hate the automated phone messages Bill Lucas keeps leaving me. I don't know what kind of money either spent on those ads, but I"m glad to say they wasted it on me!

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