Monday, June 23, 2008

A terrorist attack almost certainly would help John McCain get elected

I wouldn't suggest campaigns saying it, though.

Also: I was listening to Trent Lott on Meet the Press Sunday, hosted by Brian Williams, Tim Russert rest in peace. And he was talking about off-shore drilling, and mentioned that the poorest people drive the most inefficient cars.

What would a $2,000 tax credit for purchasing a vehicle that gets 30+ mpg, redeemable only for cars built here, do in this country?
UPDATE: Sen. McCain has already proposed something like this.
Not the least of my questions being: What do we do with all the SUVs?

The European Soccer League's version of relegation: Would it work with Citizenship? That's where the last few teams in the top league move down a league and the best three in the lower league move up. Like if you can't cut it in America you get relegated down to...

.. you didn't think I'd really insult a specific country, did you?

p.s. I invented the question mark.


Nick said...

Don't you mean Joe Biden?

Lucid Idiocy said...

Biden was there, too. At one point he smacked Lott down so hard that I think he's now 3'5". So he shrunk 5 inches.