Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Single parent homes and tax dollars

I thought this study, about how much single-parent families cost taxpayers, was interesting:
Small increases in stable marriage rates would result in savings for taxpayers, according to the report. A 1 percent reduction in the rate of "family fragmentation" will save taxpayers about $1.1 billion each year, the report states.

Taxpayers will "save money because fewer people will be eligible for fewer things like food stamps (and) PeachCare, (and) their children will be less likely to go to jail," Scafidi said.

Each year, taxpayers support single-parent families with about $27.9 billion in Medicaid expenses, $9.2 billion for child welfare programs and $33.3 billion for other social programs such as Head Start and food stamps, according to the report.

An additional $19.3 billion goes toward maintaining the justice system as a result of boys and men from single-parent households being more likely to commit crimes than those from married households, according to the report. The report also estimates $22.3 billion in lost income tax revenue.

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Todd Bryant said...

Interesting, but irrelevant. The fact is single parent homes are here to stay primarily because the reasons are vast and complex, however they are members of our society. Why is it that our nation would rather support tax breaks to corporations who send jobs overseas than to find ways to develop it's own citizens? Stop trying to find a way to justify greed and selfishness by making someone a scapegoat. You could've been raised in a single parent household too!