Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fickling on all-around nice guy Perdue

Roy Fickling is president and CEO of Fickling & Co. real estate and part of the Fickling family, which has a long history in Macon and Middle Georgia. For example: They started the Cherry Blossom festival, Macon's signature event and a source of community pride.

The family is also one hell of a political mover and shaker behind the scenes. When Gov. Sonny Perdue came to Bibb County last night, for a fundraiser at Bill and Neva Fickling's stately home, Roy went and picked the governor up in his helicopter and took him home afterward.

What do you think they chat about on those flights?

Roy Fickling also introduced Speaker of the House Glenn Richardson to economist Arthur Laffer a few years back, helping kick off the push to repeal property taxes.

Anyway, I told you that to tell you this: Fickling introduced Gov. Perdue last night at this fundraiser, which was held for Bibb County Commission Chairman Charlie Bishop. He called him "governor of the great state of Georgia and an all-around nice guy." And he told this story:

Shortly after Gov. Perdue was elected, he and Fickling were going to go duck hunting. Fickling is an avid sportsman and has hunted with other politicians over the years, including Vice President Dick Cheney. Perdue was late, and when he arrived, he was disheveled, Fickling told the fundraiser crowd last night.

When the governor went to clean up, the state trooper traveling with him told Fickling the reason for their tardiness. Perdue had stopped on the way down to help someone change a tire.

That's the kind of thing they say about you when you're gone: He stopped to change folks' tires on the interstate.

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