Friday, June 6, 2008

No doubt a golf match broke out soon after

The Georgia Chamber of Commerce named it's Legislators of the Year this week: State Sens. Chip Rogers and Ross Tolleson, and state Reps. Earl Ehrhart, Larry O’Neal and Jay Shaw.

State Sen. Eric Johnson and state Reps. Barry Fleming and Richard Royal got the chamber’s inaugural Lifetime Achievement award.

All but Royal and Fleming, who are leaving the legislature this year, got together for a photo down at the chamber's spring meetings on St. Simon's Island.

What characteristic would you say all these gentlemen share?

That's right: a desire to reduce regulatory burdens and advance free market policies.


Lucid Idiocy said...

Feel free to add your own caption. Some possibilities:

Hurry up and take this thing. The America's Cup is on.

Dockers: Nice Pants.

After this a fist fight erupted over the tax shelter benefits of a Roth IRA versus a 403b account.

One of these men secretly voted for George McGovern.

After this, let's do that "Superman" dance.

The whitest picture ever taken.

Victor said...
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whatwhatsthescene said...

"where are the male pages we were promised?"