Friday, June 13, 2008

Jim Martin and the Democratic Senate race

How can a 5-way free for all for the Democratic nomination for the United States Senate be this quiet?

Jim Martin was in Bibb County last night. I'll have a story up later today or tomorrow. He espoused several basic positions, such as an energy policy of conservation first, increasing refining capacity by requiring oil companies to invest more of their profits second.

And he called universal health care "a great boon" to small businesses - saying it would bring a "renaissance" of economic development.

But it seemed, for a man with Mr. Martin's extensive record, who just ran a statewide race in 2006, that I had to draw specifics out much more than I usually do with candidates who feel strongly about things.

I hope that's a fair, if subjective, characterization of our conversation, which only lasted about 20 minutes. But check out the issues page on his campaign site. He's asking for public input, but doesn't list his own priorities.

As of Sunday, we will be one month from this primary.
UPDATE 2: Don't ever let me tell you Lucid Idiocy doesn't have power. Because it won't be me. It will be some guy pretending to be me, possibly an alien. Rep. Martin's issues page.
In comparison:
Dale Cardwell's issues page is extensive.

Vernon Jones' is pretty specific.

Josh Lanier appears to be blogging on his "un-campaign" site. (Note to Mr. Lanier - come to Macon sometime soon and give me a call. You're the only Democrat The Telegraph hasn't interviewed in this race.)

And you know Rand Knight is gonna tell you what he thinks. His might be the most extensive by far.

Libertarians are seldom shy, and Allen Buckley's no exception. Note to Mr. Buckley: See note to Mr. Lanier and come on down.

And Sen. Saxby Chambliss has all kind of videos telling you what he says he thinks.

UPDATE: Here's my summary of the issues Mr. Martin and I talked about last night:

The economy and energy: Martin said he favors conservation as a first priority on energy issues. But second is requiring oil companies to invest more of their profits in increasing refining capacity. He said he does not favor drilling for oil in Alaska's wilderness, a popular initiative with Republicans, including Chambliss. And said America should be a leader in developing alternative fuels, then sell that technology to other countries, but which alternative fuels should be determined by the private sector, not the federal government, because "I'm not sure that we really know what the best solution is."

The war: Martin said "The president and the Congress has to make the decision that we're going to leave Iraq. And the tactical decision, military decision about how we do that and how quickly we do that has to be made by the commanders on the ground." He said he himself favors leaving Iraq, but did not say when.

Health care: Martin said universal health care would be "a great boon" to small business development. Many people now work jobs they don't like to keep their insurance coverage. If they were freed from that there would be "a renaissance of entrepreneurial development in this country," Martin said.

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