Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Here's a tip: Don't hold the burning end

If you are a moron, and happen to be in Macon Thursday, I've got a real educational opportunity for you. From John Oxendine's office:
Atlanta – Insurance Commissioner John W. Oxendine and Macon-Bibb County Fire Chief Marvin Riggins will conduct a fireworks education and safety demonstration on Thursday, June 26, at 11 a.m.

Oxendine and Chief Riggins will conduct a demonstration on the proper use of legal Georgia sparklers.

I hope they set something on fire. But, then, I prefer comedy to safety.

By the way - we could have two (potential) gubernatorial candidates in Macon Thursday, and at about the same time. I understand Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle will be here for and educational roundtable (whatever that is) and a tour of the dialysis center at the Medical Center of Central Georgia.

I doubt an open flame will be involved in either of those events, but you never know.

According to his office, Lt. Gov. Cagle is going to be here for a roundtable with school board superintendents in the morning. After lunch he's touring the dialysis unit at the Medical Center.


Anonymous said...

Where is the tame Lucid Idiocy we used to know and love?

Best headline in a while.

VernonJonesforSenate.Blogspot.com said...

We do like what you do however.

Lucid Idiocy said...

The original name of this post was, For example: Don't throw them into a pool of gasoline.

Funnier or not?

verjonesforsenate.blogspot.com said...

Equally funny.

Tina said...

Good Job! :)