Monday, June 23, 2008

By the way:

I agree: This Democratic Senate race is interesting. Four way race as I see it. Dale Cardwell is one of the four.

As Time Magazine has now learned, Georgia was essentialy probably in play the moment Obama became the nominee, but I'd like to see some vp choices. Others have been on top of this subject for a while.

What else you got? Mental health funding is probably still an issue. And I thought the drought was a thing last year.

GMA's summer conference in Savannah should be wrapping today (Tuesday). I swear I looked for something embarrasing on the last day's agenda, but it's mostly stuff like this:
Greenology 101: Financing and Implementing Green Practices Room 105/106
Whether it's implementing a recycling program, increasing green space, or crafting development ordinances to make your city more environmentally friendly, there is no question that going green is good. In this session panelists will lead attendees through a discussion regarding different methods of greening your city. Attendees can expect to take home valuable information about financing and implementing some of the programs that the panelists will share, and will also receive a toolkit of resources on how to adopt unique green practices that work for your city.

Alright, I found one, under "additional entertainment":
Lip-sync your way into the ultimate video. Your head superimposed onto animated dancing bodies - dancing and twisting in tune with up to five other gets to take home a DVD. You will never look so smooth!

I won't quibble with the bad editing so near the end of a document like that.

But let me announce: Lucid Idiocy will pay a $50 bounty for the best video of a public official from Middle Georgia, or just a really funny one from anywhere, participating in this.

This is not a joke. Or, rather, it's not yet.


Nick said...

Is the $50 out of your pocket there rich man...

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