Thursday, June 12, 2008

By the way, a handful of guys with the power to move millions around in the state budget got together this morning

Ah, Fiscal Affairs Committee. You always sneak up on me. From James Salzer, a man much tougher to sneak past:
Legislative leaders agreed to cut $8.4 million in funds for mental health services for children Thursday, but only after criticizing the Department of Human Resources' handling of the state's crisis in mental health care.

"I am not confident we have a strategy on mental health," said Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle, who added that DHR's mental health spending should be audited. "I think we have somewhat been placed in a bind."

Members of the Fiscal Affairs Committee voted 8-4 to shift funding for mental health services to other programs in the state Department of Human Resources to meet administrative expenses and cover funding deficits.

For more about how you don't really need an entire General Assembly to divide up a few dozen billion dollars, see this post from last year.

By the way, Lucid Idiocy the blog is now more than one year old. Lucid Idiocy in concept, and action, is much, much older.

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Cindy Sue Causey said...

Super quick cyber hug out to you for catching and highlighting that snippet about Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle suggesting the word "audit".. Have already drop my penny and a half's worth at his cyber doorstep.. Oh, and referenced it's your fault I typed, too.. :GRRRR-RIN:

Peace and best wishes from Talking Rock..