Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Attention AJC: Glenn Richardson is pretty handy with a shotgun

State Rep. Allen Freeman held a fundraiser this morning at a local shooting club. Speaker Richardson came down and they shot clay pigeons. And I gotta tell you, the speaker can shoot.* Freeman too, for that matter.*

Not much news to report. The speaker said property tax reform remains "high on the list." He was a little cool to trauma care funding, saying it was important but not "in the top 3."

I wouldn't read too much into that, though. His top 3 are hard to beat: transportation, taxes, education.

I got a call while I was out there - apparently John Oxendine suggested yesterday that the state should take management of Hartsfield-Jackson Airport away from the city of Atlanta.

The speaker said he introduced a bill on that several years ago.

"We ought to look at it. ..." he said. "I'm not for it or against it right now."

* bear in mind that good shooting to me might be not so good to you. I plan on asking for scores shortly. I counted 3 other shooters in their group. Nice guys, too.


Nick said...

Freeman should be scared, I've always thought Richardson had a Cheney quality to him.

Lucid Idiocy said...

Georgia Speaker of the House in a fight beats Dick Cheney pretty much every time if Cheney doesn't cheat. With the last several speakers I'd say.

Tom Murphy might have...