Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Winning spin depends on the size of your audience

... and there are more Republicans in this state.

Does the speaker get to say he presided over the largest tax cut vote in state history, and that he was strong enough to hold his caucus together in support of even more tax reform, but those damn Democrats just wouldn't go along with it?

I believe he does.

Does he also get to spin this that he's learned to be a big enough man to compromise, even with Democrats, despite his all-or-nothing rhetoric earlier in the session?

Yeah. I give it til the end of the session before he actually does it, though.

By the way, anyone got any idea what this "targeted tax relief that stimulates the economy and creates jobs" that Cagle is talking about might be?

I can't keep all of the tax plans floating around out there straight.

By the way, Tondee's Tavern is full of a bunch of LIBERALS!, but it's a damn entertaining read.

UPDATE: Also getting a W... big oil. Wait, not that kind of W. A victory. State Rep. Mark Burkhalter, who, according to various media reports that predate my knowledge on all of this, has been pushing for some time to get rid of the car property tax.


Not anyone said...

I believe the proper name is LIBERALS WHO HATE AMERICA!!!!1!11!!!one!

Lucid Idiocy said...

That would be redundant. All liberals obviously hate America. I think I read it in the dictionary... it's somewhere near the back.

Nick said...

Watch it now, Fain. All of us don’t hate America, just some. Mainly the ones who are voting for a guy with the middle name Hussein! LOL

Amy Morton said...

I think Lt. Gov.'s talking about the Gov.'s pet project-tax releif for senniors.

Lucid Idiocy said...

Amy - I wondered that myself. But will that stimulate the economy? It might eventually if it brings more seniors here to retire. But they're not exactly the demographic that goes out and pumps a bunch of money into the retail economy.

The Lt. Gov. is supposed to sit with reporters today. I imagine he'll have more to say on this.