Friday, March 21, 2008

Jeremiah Wright, Socrates and Bob Reichert

Or, the classic bumper sticker: I love my country, but fear my government...

It's not entirely clear to me what Sen. Barack Obama's association with Jeremiah Wright says about him as a man, or as a presidential candidate. But what is clear to me, as a white kid from the Atlanta suburbs, is that there's still an awful lot of anger out there.

Anyway, I'm sure this story will be popular:
The Rev. Jeremiah Wright, a religious mentor of presidential hopeful Barack Obama and the source of racial controversy over some of his remarks, gave two sermons in Macon last fall and is scheduled to return here in October.

In fact, Wright's sermons, at St. Paul AME Church in east Macon, so inspired visiting mayoral candidate Robert Reichert at the time that Reichert drew upon their themes in his inaugural address. In that speech, which many lauded as an attempt to bridge gaps between blacks and whites in the city, Reichert mentioned Wright by name and said the Chicago pastor's messages "have given me courage to share with you some of my innermost thoughts and recent revelations."

Thursday, Reichert said some elements of Wright's Macon sermons "could be construed as racially sensitive" and that circulating video of sermons at Wright's home church are certainly "inflammatory." But Reichert said he'd happily hear Wright speak again, and that "I would urge you to go hear him with an open mind ... and see if he pricks your conscience."

By the way, I need to check the dates, but I believe there's an unfortunate error in the second paragraph. Reichert was probably mayor-elect when Wright came here in November.

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