Tuesday, March 18, 2008

DUDE: Which legislator has been wearing a wire?

After spending the whole day ignoring developments in the state tax reform debate in a conscious effort to talk about race, I no longer care about taxes, U.S. senate campaigns, a meaningful dialogue on race or anything else but this:
BULLETIN: Corruption investigation wider than thought. InsiderAdvantageGeorgia has learned from a highly placed source in the legal community that at least one state legislator has “been wearing a wire for the past year” in an on-going and potentially widespread investigation of public corruption in Georgia. This suggests that the federal government may have been involved in an investigation of corruption under the Gold Dome prior to the December, 2007 date suggested in stories related to the resignation and guilty plea by Rep. Ron Sailor. The investigation may reach across both aisles of the House and potentially the Senate according to the source. Updates to come.

Dick. Pettys. Rocks.

UPDATE: Doesn't look like there's any new news on this out there. U.S. Attorneys and FBI agents are notoriously tight lipped. Damn it.

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