Friday, December 7, 2007

"Who said I'm impetuous? I'll fire them right now!"

Mayor Jack Ellis helped dedicate a public fountain in downtown Macon today, and I heard his say something that was just classic Ellis.
"This will be one of the safest, of course, every place is safe in Macon, but this will be one of the safest places in Macon. Like to recognize Councilman-elect Ellington. I finally got your name right, Ellington. I always called him Elliott for the last few (months)."

Ellis seldom makes prepared remarks, so there are hundreds of classic Ellis comments like this. He can reverse his field like you wouldn't believe, and I honestly have no idea whether he means to insult people with back-handed compliments like the one he dealt Ellington today or not.

This all reminds me of my all-time favorite Jack Ellis quote. He was wrapping up a press conference a few years ago when a T.V. reporter told him that one of his staff members had described him as either impetuous or impulsive. I can't remember which "i" word was used, which is why the quote never made the paper, but they basically mean the same thing.

The reporter asked Ellis if he had any response. He did:
"Who said I'm impetuous?" he asked. "I'll fire them right now!"

I cannot over-state how much I'm going to miss this guy. He has been a newspaper reporter's dream.

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