Monday, December 17, 2007

Wake me for the referendum

I think this will probably be the last thing I write about the Speaker's tax reform plan for a while. But don't read it. Just go to the breakdown I did on the draft legislation. It's a lot more complicated / complete / mind-numbingly boring.

Do unanswered questions remain? Yes. For example: What's the formula and methodology behind the way money will flow back to various school districts, and how does it differ from the formula as it existed in the broader GREAT Plan?

UPDATE: The answer from the speaker's spokeswoman, Clelia Davis: "Dollar for dollar credit just like the homeowners tax relief grant."

But I think we've long-passed the eye-glaze-over point on this thing. Of course, with a week of Ways and Means Committee hearings planned right before the session starts, we probably haven't seen anything yet.

By the way, state Sen. Mitch Seabough's pre-filed tax legislation I mentioned last week is available online now. It is what I described - it would give cities, counties and school board the option of implementing a new penny tax to replace all or a portion of the property taxes they now charge.

It would take a local referendum to implement for each local government

That's essentially a new LOST - Local Option Sales Tax - which is used to offset property taxes for the city and the county government here in Bibb County and to offset it for the schools in Houston County.

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