Friday, December 14, 2007

Looking around today

I'm late in my reading today, but a couple of obvious things.

Continued DOT fallout from Ariel, including the hint of (Heavens No!) politics:
State legislators elect the board members and there are reports of a campaign by House leaders to repay DOT board Chairman Mike Evans and board member Raybon Anderson, who voted for Abraham and will be up for re-election in January. The more solid and aggressive Abraham's conclusions appear, the more difficult it could be to oust her, or even to oust the board members who voted her.

Indeed, (State Sen. Eric) Johnson said the revelations justified the vote for Abraham and should discourage legislators from removing those who voted for her.

But (State Rep. Earl) Ehrhart said they will have the opposite effect, showing that the current board should have had a better grip on things. He said if Perdue was going public with DOT problems in hopes of saving the board members who supported Abraham, "he missed the boat."

And Dave Williams writes about the most complicated / amazingly boring special interest issue in state government that's still likely to have some significant impact on your life, but you'd still rather just let it screw you over than actually have to learn about it, Certificate of Need reform. Dave simplifies it, so you can read it here:
ATLANTA — Defying the wishes of a legislative committee, the state board that oversees health policy voted Thursday to make it easier for general surgeons to open outpatient centers in Georgia.

Members of the Board of Community Health voted unanimously to redefine general surgery as a single specialty just two days after the House Health and Human Services declared that only the General Assembly has the legal authority to make that change.

The effect of the new rule will be to exempt general surgeons from a Georgia law requiring applicants seeking to build new medical facilities or provide new health care services to obtain state approval.


VictoratGaImproper said...

As far as the first item on the horizon, for historic posterity, it would be interesting if the Telegraph polled Bibb's State Legislative Delegation to see where they currently stood on the current GDOT waste and abuse investigation...

Sen Cecil Staton?
Rep Allen Peake?
Rep Allen Freeman?
Sen Robert Brown?
Rep David Lucas?
Rep Niki Randall?

maybe get Monroe County's
Rep Jim Cole


As far as the second item, i'm sure one of this year's 50 most influential Women in Georgia will be addressing the issue shortly and very openly... Dontcha wish more "politicians would do the same?"

Trackboy1 said...
At least one legislator, House Minority Leader DuBose Porter (D-Dublin), said he was skeptical that DOT's problems are as severe as portrayed.

DuBose, why are you always such an f-ing idiot? You purposedly say the opposite of the Repub's. They are actually trying to be pro-active for once, and cut down on waste and shadines, and you doubt the problems of an agency that spends billions upon billion are severe.

If you had a clue, for just once in your life, you would be pushing for even greater public transparency and budget spending from GDOT. The words "DuBose" and "sucks" continue to flow about as perfectly as two words can.