Wednesday, December 26, 2007

If you're reading this, you lead a rich life

Yeah, I got nothin'. It's the day after Christmas.

Although, as I was reading this story yesterday, about how the Air Force is shifting civilian workers, impacting Robins Air Force Base, I thought: "This is why Middle Georgia needs a smart congressman, regardless of party."

No doubt U.S. Rep. Jim Marshall, who is quoted in the story, retired Maj. Gen. Rick Goddard and former U.S. Rep. Mac Collins all believe themselves to be the man for the job. But you'll have to decide next year.

Also, it might be time to decide who you're going to vote for in the presidential preference primaries, which are coming up fast. The Telegraph is running the McClatchy profiles of all the major candidates, and the first two are up today.



Because of space and staffing concerns, we're running them on the editorial page, so the formatting may look a little different than you're used to online.

Merry Christmas.

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Nick said...

I'm reading it so I guess I have a rich life! LOL I was disappointed at the lack of Fain wisdom as to which one of the candidates is the smart candidate regardless of party that you would have for middle Georgia? A little bit of editorializing would be good for the holidays! And you can't tell me that you actually think its Mac (still hadn't conceded from the last election, no college degree Collins).

While we’re at it, maybe, just maybe we can get a President that half of the country doesn’t hate???