Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The I-16 / I-75 Interchange

We'll work this up for a piece in the regular paper soon (although it's not really new news, unless you haven't been paying attention). But I thought folks might like to see side-by-side pictures of the current interchange and the one planned for construction here in 2012.



Anyone who's ever wondered "How come those tree-hugging kooks in Macon keep saying this thing will be too big?" probably has their answer now.

Both renderings are from Moreland Altobelli, the primary engineering firm on this project, which is being coordinated through the Georgia Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration. The DOT communications staff, which I find to be really helpful, emailed them at my request.

There's a reason for all those lanes, of course. To the south (your left) of the drawing there's an interstate exit. And to the east (your down) there are three exits off of I-16 all within a mile-and-a-half or so. That it is really unusual and complicates the interchange because of the "weaving" it creates.

That means people have to shift across several lanes under the current design to quickly go from I-75 to I-16 to Spring Street, which is the first exit.

The engineers' answer has been to separate the entrance and exit ramps. The ramps are going to be very long, so you will basically have to decide what you want to do (continue on I-75, get on I-16, get off on an exit) well before you reach the interchange itself. And then you'll be locked into that decision by concrete barriers. I'm not certain how many different "locked in" ramps there will be, or where they will begin, but I will check on that.

Without some pretty clear signage (and maybe even with it) I think it's safe to say a lot of people will be missing their exits. But the weave would be solved.

Finally - that small bridge on the far left of the new design? That's the pedestrian bridge across the river for the greenway trail.

The DOT's Web site for this project, by the way, is


griftdrift said...

Pretty cool. The weaving there has always been a nightmare.

But can someone please finish up the south end of I-475 and I-75? Pretty, pretty please?

VictoratGaImproper said...

Case Closed, get out your white flags:


Councilpersons Hutto, Lucas & Shirley Hills residents enter stage left...

I16-I75 Interchange fatalities from 2003 through 2006 = 1

5 Lane GDOT Designed Zebulon Road fatalities from 2003 to 2006 = 5

Best paraphrase from Moreland Altobelli Project Manager Brad Hale last night:

"Signs are not effective."

When asked if he had documentation regarding how many accidents and fatalities occurred before and after the GDOT signs that Doc Holliday fought seven years to implement, Hale Responded in usual engineering fashion when answering a simple direct question, "I don't know."

So i asked, what do you base your assumption that signs are not effective on? And he got that faraway look in his eyes and retreated into his shell.

The first engineer to tell me how to open the housing of of a Dirt Devil Jaguar model 085545 upright to replace the on/off switch wins a free, historic fact filled tour of Macon. They just don't make vacuum cleaner, toilet bowl and road engineers like they used to...

Just like Middle Georgia Politicians, all the dirt devil screws are out and nothing is budging.

As usual, Doc Holliday is ten steps ahead of he folks at GDOT.

VictoratGaImproper said...

and Lee Martin is also 10 steps ahead with this informative link:

VictoratGaImproper said...

Yo Travis,

I don't want to eat up all your bandwidth but please give Harold Linnenkohl's head on a stick to Keich Whicker and his ilk as a Christmas Gift.


Trackboy1 said...

Took the family to the GA Music Hall of Fame, and tried to spread some tourist money around ole Macon. Exit 2 of I-16, with the arena and both hall of fame's is unimagineably poor. Laos, no hotel or place to eat within walking distance of the hall of fame's? Macon could be so cool...