Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Muslims in Macon

I went to the mayor's Ramadan dinner last night. I must say, it was weird seeing 50+ Muslims pray toward Mecca in the City Council chambers.

And the white robbed Imams - I'm not going to lie, they made me nervous. Because they were young, Middle Eastern men dressed like you'd see a terrorist dressed in the movies.

But that's my prejudice, my problem. All they did was pray.

A lot of people freaked out about this event, and they probably have a point about setting a precedent by allowing a religious themed event in council chambers. But, even with a large crowd praying in Arabic Tuesday night, the score for city hall praying is still Muslim prayers: about 50, Christian prayers before council meetings: a billion.

And of course I didn't see the folks who freaked out there. Heaven forbid they actually witness what they were complaining about. What I did see were several Imams, a Rabbi and a Baptist minister sharing a podium.

"We have to share," said one Imam, whose name I did not catch. "We have to know each other."

Amen. That is how things change.

I wanted to stay for dinner, but had to leave to edit some video I shot. I edited it poorly. But you can see it here.

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