Tuesday, October 30, 2007

David Corr, James Timley, Macon City Council and Forest Hill Road

I agree with Amy, this could get interesting.

If the Forest Hill Road activists get behind Libertarian David Corr's campaign to unseat James Timley (in what will be a citywide election), with no other real races on the ballot to pull in voters, and Timley not really campaigning, and a lot of people probably not knowing he faces competition... Corr could actually win this thing.

However, if he does win, there's some discussion of a possible challenge to Corr's right to be seated, based on some election law interpretations dealing with write-in candidates. Matt Barnwell here at the paper is looking into it.

UPDATE: This is Matt's story from the other day. I spoke to Corr today and he was emphatic that his candidacy is legal, and that the proper attorneys and authorities have been consulted.

Corr usually knows his stuff when it comes to election law. And the whole issue seems to boil down to this: State laws are hard to interpret when it comes to Macon because we're the only city in the state that has partisan primaries for city offices.

Anyway, it's certainly not a reason to stay away from the polls.

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