Friday, September 14, 2007

This just in: Jim Marshall still not liberal

The Republican Party's campaign to make voters believe that U.S. Rep. Jim Marshall is a liberal continues.

And why not? It's been such a big part of the last three unsuccessful attempts to unseat Marshall in a heavily Republican district.

This time, the National Republican Congressional Committee is calling on Marshall to give back a campaign donation he received from, which of course is the group that bought a full page ad in The New York Times referring to General David Petraeus as General "Betray Us."

From the NRCC's press release:
Will Jim Marshall unload’s campaign cash after they called General Petraeus a traitor? So far he hasn’t…

Will Jim Marshall, who has benefited in the past from over $3,000 in campaign cash from, do more than pay lip service to the group’s despicable behavior and give up the money MoveOn gave him? After all, he voted for Nancy Pelosi to become Speaker of the House, and now she seems to be working hand-in-glove with

Note the Pelosi reference. Hell, I thought Mac Collins was running against Pelosi instead of Marshall sometimes last year, he mentioned her so much.

Here's what the NRCC doesn't tell you: The MoveOn donation was made in 2000. You might note that's before Sept. 11, the Iraq war and Marshall's getting elected to Congress.

And Marshall's press secretary, Doug Moore, was more than happy to point out a television interview Marshall gave shortly after Gen. Petaeus' report on Iraq this week. Go here and scroll down to Marshall's segment. In it Marshall says he was "struck by how inappropriate" the ad was.

"(It was) not at all a fair characterization of the character of Dave Petraeus," Marshall said.

Marshall, of course, knows the General and is a veteran himself, so he gets to call him "Dave."

Marshall also said Iraqis should look forward to the day when they can take out newspaper ads that amount to "a vicious attack against a commanding general... without fear of physical reprisal."

As for the substance of Petraeus' report, Moore said Marshall found it "spot on."

Moore also said that is looking for a candidate to face Marshall in the Democratic primary. I tried to confirm that with, but they haven't returned my telephone message or emails.

Ken Spain, press secretary for the NRCC, said the group stands behind it's press release. He said Marshall should give back the money and speak out against Democrats who are jumping on Petraeus and calling his report to Congress less-than-accurate.

By the way, retired Maj. Gen. Rick Goddard, who is campaigning to be the Republican nominee to face Marshall in the 8th Congressional District, put out a statement about Petraeus report earlier this week. An excerpt:
... it’s clear from his testimony that the surge is meeting most of the military objectives. While we have seen measurable success, there remain significant challenges in achieving a stable Iraq government. The clear message is we are making progress and now is not the time to abandon the mission. It is imperative for the security of our nation and for our children and grandchildren that we do not allow Iraq to become a festering breeding ground of Islamic fascism. ...

There is no one better able to assess progress and future success than General Petraeus. ... Any effort to undermine the General or his mission is deplorable. ...

And finally, I found it utterly disgusting for to question General Petraeus’ patriotism when he has spent the last 40 years of his life defending this nation. may not support this war, but to call General Petraeus a traitor is cowardice and un-American.”

No word lately from former Congressman Mac Collins, who said he's considering another run against Marshall and would face Goddard in the primary.


Amy Morton said...

That Jim is liberal is laughable,but if you got confused about who Mac was running against, imagine what will happen if Hillary Clinton is our nominee in 2008? Every ad against Marshall will begin with "Jim Marshall and Hillary Clinton..."

By the way, MoveOn got a slap from a another corner today-Elizabeth Edwards. She cited her father's military service, her respect for those who serve and said that the ad was out of line. She criticised the organization's personal attack on the General-something she and Sen. Edwards are quite familiar with.

VictoratGaImproper said...

Please remind me again, what does the word Conservative mean these days?

1) Fiscal Conservative?
2) Oversite of Waste, Fraud & Abuse in Government Contracting?
3) Respecting Life?

Nick said...

So I am assuming you think that Edwards will help Jim? That’s not going to work. But what may help is an Obama candidacy that would provide a record black turnout. May even unseat Saxby! But, that’s just a thought!